About MSIA

Malaysia Semiconductor Industry Association (MSIA) is an industry association which cover individuals and companies incorporated in Malaysia who are involved directly or related to Semiconductor Industry (Electronics and Systems), Semiconductor Industry supply chain, institutions providing significant related services to semiconductor industry such as engineering, finance, legal and those societies, associations, chambers and government - linked agencies.


  1. R&D and Technology – To Strategically Develop Malaysia’s semiconductor industry including electronics and systems by nurturing and growing the complete semiconductor eco-system.
  2. Eco-system – To elevate Malaysia’s semiconductor companies’ global market position and value chain by enhancing their capabilities and capacities.
  3. Advocacy – To be the collective voice of the semiconductor industry by advocating industry’s challenges and building positive relationships with the government and its agencies, and other industry associations and chambers of commerce.
  4. Global Competitiveness – To collaborate with the government on strategies formulation and policy advocacy to enable Malaysia’s semiconductor industry, including electronics and systems, to be globally competitive.